Young Minds Group and Listserv launched at the EST...

At the 13th ESTSS conference in Bologna, Prof. Lutz Wittmann invited young researchers for the first ESTSS young minds meeting. The young minds are a group within ESTSS for young researchers to network and share their interest.

Right after the closure of the conference, the first ESTSS Young Minds Event took place. Thirteen Young Minds came together to discuss their ideas about ESTSS with current and previous board members. The energy and the enthusiasm of our Young Minds was a moving experience for everybody present and makes much hopes for the future of our society. Our Young Minds Task Force will now be working on the realization of several of the collected ideas as:

  • Young Mind activities for the upcoming ESTSS conference in Vilnius
  • Facilitation of communication among young minds
  • Development of an ESTSS internship and educational program
  • Financial issues