Voting for representative of individual members in...

November 2nd, 2015

Dear ESTSS Individual Members,

According to the new ESTSS statutes that was approved in the second General Membership Meeting held in Istanbul on 9th of July 2015, individual members of ESTSS who register through an affiliated society or from a country without a full member or affiliated society will elect one Board member who would represent them in the ESTSS Board.
All individual members were called to nominate themselves but until the deadline for nominations ESTSS secretariat has received only one nomination. According to ESTSS statute the only nominee will run the election unopposed and there will be options of choice for voters: yes, no and abstention. Simple majority of affirmative votes will be sufficient for nominee to be elected. Voting will be possible using the members only section of the ESTSS website from 2nd to 14th of November 2015.

For further questions please contact
On behalf of the ESTSS Board of Directors,
With best regards,

Vedat ┼×ar, President ESTSS (2013-2015)