The new ESTSS society statutes has been approved a...

Dear ESTSS members,

I am pleased to inform you that the proposed "new" ESTSS society statutes has been approved!

In order to have an opinion about the level of support regarding changing the statutes in the entire Society an electronic poll has been organized among all members of ESTSS between July 1th-8th,2015. Among 102 participants who voted electronically, 100 members voted for approval of the proposed “new” statutes. In the second General Membership Meeting (located in Istanbul) which has been attended by 5 members, the new statutes has been approved unanimously.

New regulations will be effective after the completion of the procedure with the notary; i.e. before the end of July 2015. Following preparations of transition, the new Board will take the office in January 1th, 2016.

As the General Membership Meeting in Vilnius has extended the term of the current President and the current Board (including the Executive Board) until December 31th, 2015, current Board will carry out the preparations till the deadline.
Myself and all ESTSS Board members are excited about operating on this historical movement of transition in ESTSS and look forward to enjoy increased collaboration between our member societies now and in the future.

Prof.Dr.Vedat Şar
President of ESTSS (2013-2015)