The abstract submission for the 13th ESTSS confere...

The abstract submission  for the 13th ESTSS conference from 6th-9th June 2013 in Bologna is starting 25th of October!

The 13th European Conference on Traumatic Stress - “Trauma and its clinical pathways: PTSD and beyond” - will be hosted in Bologna from 6-9th of June 2013. The conference is also a special moment to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ESTSS.

The conference focuses on the complexity and richness of clinical pathways of PTSD and trauma-related disorders. We aim to reflect together on clinical practice and recent research findings to create a platform for dialoguing on different perspectives in our field.

Models of innovative practice and therapy in different cultural contexts, psychopharmacology of PTSD, post-traumatic growth, assessment of children and youth, trauma prevention and recovery in emergency services and disasters, trauma across the lifespan and other issues within the field of traumatic stress studies are among the topics we hope the conference will offer to you. And we encourage all of our members to submit papers, posters, symposia, workshops!

The conference is organised by the Italian Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (SISST; in collaboration with a network of Italian universities and institutions.

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