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Working Group

Liz Royle (lead person)

I'm a psychotherapist based in Bolton, UK and work with the police and veterans. My background is primarily working within the police service and I'm currently doing my PhD on ex-military police officers and their attitudes to mental health care. More biographical details at


Gill Moreton

Gill works at the Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress, NHS Lothian where she heads up a fast track assessment and treatment service to fire and police services following critical incidents and trains and supervises peer supporters working in the firearms team. Gill also provides training on resilience for new recruits at the Scottish Fire Service College.

Dr Walter Busuttil

Walter is a Consultant Psychiatrist who was appointed Medical Director to the national charity Combat Stress three years ago. During his time at Combat Stress he has worked to upgrade all clinical services.

He served for 16 years in the Royal Air Force where he was instrumental in the setting up of mental health rehabilitation services for servicemen returning form the first Gulf War. He was also part of the clinical team that rehabilitated the released British Beirut Hostages. After retiring from the RAF in 1997, for ten years he worked setting up tertiary services for sufferers of Complex PTSD in a general adult setting and within a medium secure forensic women’s service. He has published and lectured internationally about treatment and rehabilitation of chronic and complex presentations of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is the current Chair of the UK Trauma Group and is a Board Member of the UK Psychological Trauma Society.

Neil J. Kitchener

Neil is Principal Clinician, All Wales Veteran Health and Wellbeing Service, University Health Board, Cardiff & Vale. He is interested in developing effective services for ex-service personnel and researching which treatments are efficacious in improving veterans' health and well-being.

Task Force members

Anne Freund, Ph.D.

Staff psychologist at Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA. Anne is particularly interested in combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder and is author of “Taming the Fire Within: Life after War” (see a review of this book on our Publications page)


Marilyn Wignall

Marilyn is a retired police officer who is now the TRiM Coordinator for Devon and Cornwall Police in the UK.

Hans te Brake

Hans is the Senior Policy Analyst research and development at Impact – The Dutch knowledge and advice centre for post-disaster psychosocial care. He did his PhD on Burnout and Work engagement, and their (positive and negative) determinants. Hans was project leader for the recently developed Dutch guidelines for uniformed services, which focus on the way ambulance, fire brigade, police and the military provide psychosocial support within the organization.

He is currently involved in setting up a project to implement the guidelines in the daily practice of the police organization.


Patrick Van den Steene

Patrick is a psychologist in Belgium.

His areas of interest are crisis management, prevention, psychosocial support & psychotherapy all within uniformed services.


David Avery-Prain

David is based in Herefordshire in the United Kingdom. He is particularly interested in trauma / PTSD in the Armed Forces having served in the Royal Navy on leaving school. David now works as a Mental Health nurse though currently not in a clinical role.

During his role in Primary Care, providing assessment and referring on patients with mental health problems, he noticed a large number of patients who seemed symptomatic for PTSD/Psychological Trauma and developed his interest in this area as a result of that.


Henrik Lyng

Henrik is Leading Psychologist and Major (Civil Protection) in the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

His areas of interest include Peer Support training, supervision, initiatives on reducing stigma concerning treatment of traumatized individuals and/or groups and operational procedures for managing stress.


Per-Anders Pane Åström

Per-Anders is an Ambulance nurse in Sweden. He is currently writing an article on the prevalence of PTSD in ambulance workers in Gothenburg, Sweden. His interests include the prevention of PTSD in ambulance workers and he is working on a project to find interventions and suitable organisation to prevent PTSD and other stress disorders


Karen-Inge Karstoft

Karen-Inge Karstoft is a PhD student in Denmark who is involved in several projects. She is interested in combat-related PTSD. Her research is very broadly defined as 'traumatic reactions to military deployment.'


Task force members