Human Rights

ESTSS Task Force on Human Rights

A new task force on Human Rights has been created within the ESTSS. We are studying the criteria to make the task force efficient but, meanwhile, we are keen to accept suggestions, advise as well as links to institutions that should be included.

The aim of the Task Force is to stimulate research on human rights and improve our knowledge about all trauma related aspects of human rights

To achieve this aim the following objectives have been identified:

  • To enhance communication regarding research questions, research design and methods, and instrumentation
  • To stimulate the use of comparable methods across countries, thereby ensuring more comparable findings
  • To stimulate the development of proposals for the EU to conduct multi-country research projects on traumatic stress

To realize these objectives, the ESTSS Task Force on the Human Rights will:

  • Establish an ‘Human Rights discussion group’ focusing on methods, measurements, research questions, and potentials for cooperation
  • Establish electronic communication between the European researchers involved in research on traumatic stress and human rights
  • Organise workshops for human rights researchers on the ESTSS conferences
  • Use the ESTSS website to inform about the Task Force and on ongoing and planned studies in Europe
  • Promote the use of the European Journal on Psychotraumatology to publish results.

Task Force members:

The task force leader is Francisco (Paco) Orengo (task force leader). Please contact him if you wish to contribute or have any questions:

Founding members: Brigitte Lueger-Schuster, Dean Adjukovic, and Arieh Shalev.

Planned activities:

To prepare a workshop for ECOTS 2011, which will focus on Human Rights (the theme of the conference).

We encourage task force members and others who are interested to join us at the ECOTS workshop to discuss Human Rights research methods and how ESTSS Human Rights researchers can work together.

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