ESTSS Task Forces

Task Forces are a platform for ESTSS members to communicate and to get informed about the latest scientific and clinical insights in the specific field.

With the task forces we hope to unite people all over Europe with interest in the same specific topic.

The Task Force can provide information about latest research, the latest clinical news, or discussion on specific topics, indicate interesting meetings, discuss research methodology, etc..

Task forces could organize  ESTSS task force symposia e.g. for the ESTSS Conference on Traumatic Stress (ECOTS) or for local ESTSS Workshops (EWOTS).

For Task Forces specific activities see:

  • Children & trauma
  • Disaster
  • Epidemiological research on traumatic stress
  • Forensic aspect of traumatic stress
  • Grief and Bereavemtn
  • Human rights
  • Neurobiology of traumatic stress
  • Treatment of trauma-related disorders
  • Managing Trauma in the Uniformed Services

If you wish to join a task force please contact the task force leader. If you are an ESTSS member you can actively participate by posting comments and suggestions and engage in a discussion on the task force pages.
If you are interested to initiate a new task force please contact the the estss secretariat: secretariat[a]