Opportunities to be involved in ISTSS Annual Meeti...

ISTSS is establishing a standing Annual Meeting Organizing Committee and a standing Scientific Program Committee. These changes create additional opportunities for ISTSS members to be actively involved in the Society by helping to shape the Annual Meeting. Members interested in any of the new positions should send a brief description of their interest and relevant background / experience to Krista Baran (kbaran@istss.org) as soon as possible.
Annual Meeting Organizing Committee
- multi-year planning of logistics & meeting structure.

Organizing Committee positions:
Organizing Committee Chair - 3 year term; reports to ISTSS President. Should have experience planning ISTSS or related meetings; ability to develop / lead strategies for fundraising / meeting promotion; strong organizational and collaboration skills
Funding Deputy (2-3 year term)
Promotion & Social Media Deputy (2-3 year term)
Local Committee Representative (1 year term: Miami 2014, New Orleans 2015, Dallas 2016)
Student Representative (1 year term; appointed by Student Section Chair).

Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee- multi-year planning of program content.

Scientific Program Committee positions:
Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair - 3 year term; reports to ISTSS President. Should have familiarity with traumatic stress field; experience planning / reviewing content for ISTSS or related meetings; strong organizational and collaboration skills. Each year, a new Co-Chair will be appointed to 3 year term - Yr 1 as Co-Chair, Yr 2 as Chair, Yr 3 in advisory role.
Pre-Meeting Institute (PMI) Deputy (2-3 year term);
Content Area Deputies (multi-year service encouraged);
Special Track Deputies (need varies by year)