ESTSS General Membership Meeting has approved the ...

Following two Strategic Planning Meetings in 2013 and 2014 and communications with member society leaderships interim, ESTSS Board has made several specific decisions to propose amendmends in its statutes during its gathering in Zagreb (December 13th, 2014). Following discussions with member society leaderships and legal consultation, the revised proposal of the Board (decision made Vilnius, June 10th,2015) has been approved principally in the General Membership Meeting during the 14th Biannual Conference of ESTSS (Vilnius, June 12th,2015).

As the 2/3 of all ESTSS members have not attended this meeting (a legal requirement for a statutes change in the first meeting), the final decision can be made in a second General Membership Meeting only to gather in four weeks with the 2/3 of the votes of those who attend (without a requirement of a minimum number for quorum). Opinions proposed during the General Membership Meeting of Vilnius will be considered for finalizing the principally approved proposal of statutes to be voted in a second General Membership Meeting. An electronic poll will be organized among all members of ESTSS beforehand to have an opinion about the level of support in the entire society. In case of a final approval by the second General Membership Meeting, new regulations are expected to become effective in January 1th, 2016.

General Membership Meeting has extended the term of the current President and the current Board (including the Executive Board) until December 31th, 2015. No members of the Board retired at this time.

Prof. Vedat ┼×ar
President of ESTSS (2013-2015)