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ESTSS future international leadership group – Call for applications

The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) will establish the “ESTSS future international leadership group“ in early 2019. The members of this group will be highly dedicated young professionals in the field of psychotraumatology in Europe. The aim is to promote a network of young professionals who are interested in the field of psychotraumatology, and to allow them to develop their leadership qualities and to gain international experiences.

The members of the future leadership group will work together with experienced colleagues in different committees on a range of strategic activities. The estimated time for these activities will be about 10 hours per month. Examples are the further development of the ESTSS European Curricula, the ESTSS Summer schools as well as the internal and external communication strategies of the society. This may include the following activities:

 ESTSS European Curricula:

  • Evaluating the current curriculum on a regular basis and adapting it ensure continual adoption and reflection of the most recent evidence
  • Formulating clear requirements for accreditation of national curricula
  • Stimulating and supporting the different member associations in working towards implementation of the curriculum.
  • Evaluating curricula of the member associations aiming to achieve ESTSS accreditation  

ESTSS Summer schools:

  • Contributing to the elaboration of the summer school curricula that will be organized every two years
  • Contributing to the promotion of the summer schools within the local trauma societies and to the recruitment of the participants
  • Supporting the local organizing committee of the summer schools
  • Coordination of the summer school participants

ESTSS communication strategies:

-    Working closely with the ESTSS board of directors and secretariat on appropriate methods to communicate the society’s mission, products and/or services to the public

    -   Identifying and developing content to be disseminated via social media, website, newsletters, press releases and other distribution channels

 ESTSS fundraising:

  • Development and presentation to the ESTSS members of project ideas and applications
  • Grant preparation and proposal development


The ESTSS future international leadership group will receive support from the leaders and other members of the respective committees and the ESTSS board. They will be encouraged to bring in their own visions and ideas, to develop their own network and a larger network of young minds in psychotraumatology. To this aim, they will attend regular skype meetings and meet in person at the biannual ESTSS conferences.

In recognition of their work, they will get free access to ESTSS conferences, and will also be able to influence the conference program, for instance in the form of young minds in psychotraumatology symposia. They will be most welcome to offer support to the conference organizing committee; particularly in increasing conference attendees by attracting students and young practitioners and researchers.

For the first 2 years term (2019/2020), the ESTSS future international leadership group will consist of 9 members. Their first meeting will be at the ESTSS conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (14-16 June 2019).

Application requirements:

Applicants should have an age between 20 and 45 years and be proficient in English language. They will be considered on the basis of their motivation of working towards the issues indicated above and related experiences in the past, including relevant community activities.

Applications have to include a letter of motivation, a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of recommendation from a member of the respective national society or an international expert in the field.

Please send your application by October 30th 2018 to ESTSS Executive Secretary, Zoran Sukovic by Email at