ESTSS EJPT best paper of 2017 award

Associate and guest editors, members of the editorial board, abstract translators and members of the ESTSS board were invited to nominate papers for the ESTSS EJPT 2017 award. Criteria were free and broad, for example: sound methodology, relevance for clinical practice, innovation, global reach, outstanding science, theoretically advancing the field, thought provoking, etc. We received 56 nominations. Interestingly, but not surprisingly considering the criteria, they were quite diverse, and also the reasons given for why this paper would deserve the award reflected all criteria mentioned above. The top 5 is listed below:

1.Does size really matter? A multisite study assessing the latent structure of the proposed ICD-11 and DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for PTSD – Hansen et al.

2.Trauma and PTSD in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys – Kessler et al. 

3.Neuroimaging the traumatized self: fMRI reveals altered response in cortical midline structures and occipital cortex during visual and verbal self- and other-referential processing in women with PTSD – Frewen et al. 

3.Tetris and Word games lead to fewer intrusive memories when applied several days after analogue trauma – Hagenaars et al. 

3.The Neural correlates of childhood maltreatment and the ability to understand mental states of others – C. Van Schie et al. 

More about awarded papers, EJPT recent accomplishments, and priorities for the 2018 can be found in recently published EJPT editorial -Psychotraumatology on the move.

Congratulations to Maj Hansen, Ron Kessler, Paul Frewen, Muriel Hagenaars, and Charlotte van Schie and their colleagues for excellent work!

ESTSS board of directors