The Dutch Speaking Society (NtVP) proudly presents...

In the Netherlands there is a lot of activity going on in the field of psychotrauma. Therefore the NtVP initiated a program of certification for people who are actively involved in working with traumatized people or people that experienced a so called “potentially traumatizing event”.

The first part of this certification program, aimed at the psychologists and psychiatrists treating Psychotrauma (PTSD) has just gone into action.

The program is bases on the certification programs that are already in operation in Germany and Denmark and will in the future be closely linked to the European certification program of ESTSS.

The certification program specifies requirements that therapist must meet if they want to be certified as a “Psychotraumatherapeut” (Psychotrauma therapist) and be registered as such. This registration also promotes clarity for the client who is looking for a well-trained therapist after experiencing a traumatic event.

The certification program of the NtVP will in the future also include other groups of professionals like non academic treatment staff and people supporting colleagues after accidents at work.

These parts of the program will come in operation the coming years.


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