Article: Need for a concept of PTSD-related posttr...

This paper seeks to build an argument for investigating anger in PTSD as a discrete entity. A key argument is that the capacity to image visual mental phenomena is crucial to the aetiology and maintenance of anger in PTSD. Evidence is reviewed for the influence of visual imagery in anger in PTSD from the perspectives of neuropsychology, psychopathology, anger and PTSD. An argument is advanced for including visual imagery in an integrated (visual-linguistic) cognitive model of anger in PTSD. Directions for research on visual imagery in anger in PTSD and its treatment implications are discussed.

McHugh, T., Forbes, D., Bates, G., Hopwood, M., & Creamer, M. (2012). Anger in PTSD: Is there a need for a concept of PTSD-related posttraumatic anger? Clinical Psychology Review, 32 (2), 93–104.  

doi: 10.1016/j.cpr.2011.07.013