Article: Individual differences in trauma disclosu...

This study investigates disclosure following traumatic or most severe life events. Specifically, disclosure across psychopathology, comparing individuals with current PTSD, trauma-exposed individuals without PTSD, and non-traumaexposed, psychologically healthy individuals were analyzed. Furthermore, disclosure across event types including traumatic/most severe, negative, and positive events were compared. Individuals with PTSD reported greater difficulty disclosing their traumatic event compared to those with trauma exposure no PTSD and those with no-trauma exposure. The present findings point to a dynamic conceptualization of disclosure, suggesting that the differential difficulty of disclosing traumatic events seen in individuals with PTSD is not simply a function of the amount of disclosure or the amount of details provide.

Bedard-Gilligian, M., Jaeger, J., Echiverri-Cohen, A., & Zoellner, L. A. (2012). Individual differences in trauma disclosure. Journal of behavior  therapy and experimental psychiatry, 43 (2), 716-723.

doi: 10.10.16/j.jbtep.2011.20.005